Diet/Fitness Log 19

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Breakfast: Garbanzo beans and whole wheat toast with sugar-free raspberry preserves (250 calories)
Workout: Glutes and cardio at the gym
Snack: Ground turkey meat chili (300 calories)
Lunch: Whole wheat toast with sugar-free raspberry preserves and one can of tuna on lettuce with vinaigrette dressing (300 calories)
Dinner: Whole wheat french toast (made with egg whites) with a banana, sugar-free syrup, and 3 large strawberries on the side (350 calories)

Total: 1,200 calories

Diet/Fitness Log 18

Breakfast: 3 lower-fat eggs with 2 slices of thin ham and one bite of the bagel sandwich that I made my boyfriend (250 calories)
Snack: Blueberry yogurt, 7 mini rice cakes, 2 low-fat graham crackers, Costco pretzel samples, and a little popcorn (400 calories)
Lunch: Half a slice of naan bread (150 calories)
Dinner: Whole Foods sample tray of tofu, sweet potatoes, Mexican lasagne (it isn’t that good), Asian chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegan mac and cheese (400 calories)
Snack: Nonfat cheese on wheat toast and a beef hotdog on a piece on wheat bread (250 calories)

Total- 1,450 calories

I normally try to stay around 1,200 calories but I was so hungry today. I haven’t eaten much because I’ve been sick so I overate today. I definitely had way too much bread! Today and tomorrow I’m extremely busy so I couldn’t work out today and I know I won’t be able to tomorrow. I’ll make up for it though.

Quick and Easy “1 Minute” Exercise Plan

For each work out listed, try to do it for one minute. Example: If it says “lunges”, do lunges for one minute. Take a break if you need to but then continue the work out until 60 seconds has pasted. Use the stopwatch on your phone to keep track of how much time has pasted. Over time, you’ll realize that you can do more reps in a minute than before. When a minute gets to be too easy, set a new goal, such as a minute and a half. Cardio is not the key to losing weight- you’ll burn calories but you won’t sculpt the body of your dreams. This is a work out for beginners to tone their body. Eventually, if you want to advance, you should add weights. At the moment, I squat at the gym using 25 pound weights on each side of the bar (I could do more but it hurts the back of my neck) because I want to gain bigger glute muscles instead of just toning up. Let me know how this plan works for you! 🙂 If you eat right, you don’t need to do cardio. If you would like results faster, go for it! I prefer the elliptical over the treadmill, but if you’re going to use the treadmill, make sure you put the incline up! Spinning classes burn a lot of calories but riding a normal bike in the gym only burns half the amount of calories as other cardio machines. Make sure you do at least 30 minutes of cardio if you decide to do it. Research shows that you don’t burn fat until you’re 15-20 minutes through a cardio workout. Walking is a decent work out as well, just try to pick up your pace a bit if that’s what you decide to do. Faster is better 🙂 Ankle weights are great too. Boxing and jumping jacks are great cardio and some of the most fun forms, in my opinion.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Push ups
Triceps dips

Side plank dips
Oblique crunches (twist to the side when you crunch, instead of going straight up)
Leg lifts (lie flat on your back and lift your legs from a 90 degree angle to an inch above the floor)
Spider-Man push-ups


Back extension

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Donkey kicks
One leg squats

Calf raises
Side leg lifts (lay on your side with your legs parallel, then, bring the leg that’s on top to a 45 degree angle and then back down towards your other leg but keep it an inch higher so that your feet don’t touch)

Rest day. You should always give your body a break at least once a week.


Diet/Fitness Log 16

Breakfast: Tuna sandwich (one can of tuna with one slice of whole wheat bread with a drop of ketchup, mustard, and 2 pickles) and a kiwi (400 calories)
Lunch: Garbanzo beans, carrot, potato, and chorizo homemade stew (200 calories)
Dinner: Garbanzo beans, carrot, potato, and chorizo homemade stew (300 calories)
Snack: 2 kiwis, a few Cheez Itz, and mini rice cakes, and a mango (400 calories)
Work out: Abs and triceps at the gym

Total- 1,300 calories


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Diet/Fitness Log 15

Cheat Day

Breakfast: Protein shake (100 calories)
Lunch: 5 strawberries (40 calories)
Dinner: 2/3 of a grilled chicken flatbread and sweet potato fries at Chili’s (about 1,800 calories according to the nutrition guide online that I wish I had looked at before ordering)
Snack: 8 strawberries (60 calories)

Total: I’m guessing I had around 2,000 calories

Diet/Fitness Log 14

Breakfast: Protein shake (100 calories)
Lunch: Eggspectation fruit plate (200 calories)
Snack: Samples at Costco (100 calories)
Pre-workout: Lean Shake Burn (170 calories)
Work out: abs and glutes at the gym
Dinner: One kiwi, one mango, and a protein shake (300 calories)

Total- 870 calories

I couldn’t a that much because I’m sick and couldn’t eat anymore